Your Privacy & Data

Updated 20th October 2023


Cloudflare servers process all requests that pass through my Project Domains, storing, handling, and processing data including but not limited to:
  • Email traffic: This includes all email messages that are sent to and from my domains, including the sender, recipient, subject line, and content.
  • Files: This includes all files that are uploaded to my domains, such as images, PDFs, screenshots, and other documents.
  • IP addresses and country of origin: This includes the IP addresses of the computers that are used to access my domains, as well as the country where these computers are located.
  • Passwords and custom settings: This includes all passwords and custom settings that are associated with my domains, such as your login credentials and your website's configuration settings.

Cloudflare and its employees do not have the ability to see data that is not made publicly available by the project itself.


Cloudflare Web Analytics are utilized on some Projects to understand how Websites can be Optimized Regarding to Language, Display Sizes and Preferrenes of User Devices

No data about your time of visit, behavior on the website, or device fingerprint (including IP address) is stored or made available to anyone outside of Cloudflare.

#3rd Party Sharing

Some Projects may use Google, Cloudflare or other 3rd Party Services, whenever it is possible Requests will be made by Cloudflare Servers instead of your Computer to ensure highest Privacy of your Data and Connection